Market Access Advisory

We are focussed on assisting international brands to access African markets and in helping to create an international market for African products and services . We advise across a range of sectors including FMCG, Fintech, Renewable energy, Natural resources, Food and Agribusiness, Fashion & Beauty, Education, Healthcare and Real estate.

Why focus on Africa?

  • Fast growing population
  • Emerging African middle class with more spending power:
    • In 2010 African population of 1bn, 355 million middle class
    • By 2060 African population will be 2.6bn and 1.1 billion will be middle class
  • Rapid urbanisation - by 2025 there will be 84 urban areas in Africa with 1million population. 
  • Increasingly mobile savvy Africa’s consumers (both forproduct knowledge and mobile payments)