Business Development Consulting

Service type

Team Training
LGC BD Academy
Developing and delivering highly practical training programmes to improve BD skills and encourage and support change behaviour.

From equipping your staff with basic BD skills for those new to the world of professional services business development to using training to address particular pinch points or areas of challenge in your use of BD.

LGC Strategy 
Helping your firm to understand its key market differentiators and to devise and articulate clear business strategies that improve your market position and create or leverage true competitive advantage and enhance your brand.

From advising on how to ensure that your business development strategy is not just focussed on traditional event and sponsorship driven techniques to working with you achieve strategic objectives that are firmly founded on client listening.
LGC Bids Support
Providing practical help for those seeking to develop pitching skills. Support ranges from:

Undertaking bid audits in order to analyse and proffer bid management process improvements including writing pitch process protocols; to

Running best practice bids training, designing a bid template, assisting with bid scoping meetings and providing one to one coaching on pitch presentations.
LGC Mentor Program
Providing face-to-face, telephone/skype coaching sessions to assist with developing practical Business Development plans and strategies that generate profitable repeat and new business.

These can be provided to groups or on a one to one basis and can be organised in the form of a hotline service.

Examples include developing ‘personal impact and rainmaker coaching' for associates earmarked for partnership and providing one-to-one fee earner mentoring in relation to significant/high value live pitch opportunities.
Research Projects
LGC Intelligence Services
Conducting research projects such as client surveys, undertaking target research and data analysis

Supporting in the development and roll out of thought leadership tools