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In the fast-paced world of legal services, staying ahead of the curve requires innovation, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of client needs. Drawing inspiration from successful marketing campaigns outside the legal sphere can provide valuable insights for law firms aiming to enhance their brand, engage clients effectively, and build lasting relationships.

Unilever Kenya's Royco Mchuzi Mix campaign, Voice Your Choice (#HaveYourChoice), launched in 2017, aimed to reintroduce the Original Royco Mchuzi Mix to the Kenyan market. Despite being a household brand for 65 years, the original product had been replaced by variants before 2016. The campaign, supported by influencers like radio personality, Maina Kageni and social media chefs, Chef Ali Mandhry and Kaluhi’s Kitchen, engaged consumers online through a competition, prompting them to choose between #TeamSundried and #TeamOriginal. Winners were awarded tickets to the Royco Cook-off challenge, featuring a showdown between Kaluhis Kitchen and Chef Ali Mandhry. The campaign also introduced a microsite offering recipes, tips, articles, and information on Royco products and their TV show, Fuata Flava, aiming to recreate the authentic taste and aroma of Kenyan food while fostering brand love and loyalty. 

The campaign offers a wealth of lessons that African law firms can apply to elevate their market presence. 

Client-Centricity: A Deep Dive into Royco’s Strategy 

Unilever Kenya's approach with its Royco Mchuzi Mix wasn't merely about promoting a product; it was about reigniting a relationship with its consumers. When the original Royco Mchuzi Mix became scarce, consumer demand signalled a deep-rooted brand loyalty and a clear preference. Responding to this, the "Voice Your Choice" campaign was launched, inviting consumers to express their preferences directly, thereby reinforcing the brand's commitment to its audience. 

Lesson for Law Firms: Like Royco, law firms must actively solicit and respond to client feedback. This could mean conducting surveys to understand client satisfaction, preferences for communication, or areas needing improvement. Acting on this feedback demonstrates a commitment to service quality and client satisfaction, similar to how Royco re-engaged its audience by reintroducing a beloved product based on consumer demand. 

Strengthening Online Presence: Royco's Social Savvy 

Royco’s campaign effectively leveraged social media to create a buzz and foster community engagement. By engaging consumers in conversations and encouraging them to share their experiences, recipes and how they use Royco, Royco not only increased its online visibility but also strengthened consumer loyalty. 

Lesson for Law Firms: Emulate Royco by enhancing your online presence. Share valuable legal insights, industry trends and engage in discussions on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This not only showcases your expertise but also builds a community around your brand, much like Royco did. 

Credible Partnerships for Enhanced Visibility 

Royco's collaboration with key influencers and personalities helped amplify their campaign, reaching a wider audience while adding a layer of credibility and relatability to their brand. 

Lesson for Law Firms: Partner with legal industry influencers to co-create content, host webinars, or participate in panel discussions. These collaborations can increase your reach and introduce your firm to potential clients who trust these influencers, thereby enhancing your firm’s visibility and credibility. 

Diversifying Outreach: The Royco Approach 

The "Voice Your Choice" campaign wasn't limited to one platform or medium; it employed a mix of influencers, a dedicated microsite, and various social media channels to maximize impact. 

Lesson for Law Firms: Adopt a multi-channel strategy to broaden your reach. Consider leveraging podcasts, webinars, and even traditional media alongside social media to ensure your message resonates with a diverse audience. This varied approach helps capture attention across different segments, much like Royco's inclusive campaign strategy. 

Empowering Clients with Knowledge 

Royco’s microsite served as a hub for engagement, offering recipes, tips, and articles that went beyond promoting a product—they educated and enriched the consumer experience.

 Lesson for Law Firms: Develop a resource hub with insightful legal articles, updates on regulations, and practical advice. By empowering your clients with knowledge, you position your firm as a trusted advisor and thought leader, similar to how Royco positioned itself as more than just a spice mix, but a culinary partner. 

Unilever Kenya’s Royco Mchuzi Mix campaign provides a blueprint for law firms aiming to enhance their market presence. By adopting a client-centric approach, leveraging digital platforms, engaging with influencers, diversifying outreach methods, and empowering clients with knowledge, law firms can navigate the dynamic legal landscape with confidence and creativity, much like Royco mastered the market with its innovative campaign.

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