17 Oct

In the world of legal marketing, there are valuable lessons to be learned from successful brands outside our industry. That is why we are launching the LGC Africa Market Mastery, to gain valuable marketing tips from these leading brands.

One such brand that has made waves with its marketing strategy is Nando's. While their humorous approach may not be directly applicable to legal marketing, there are key takeaways that legal marketers can incorporate into their strategies.

Stay Trendy

Nando's has excelled in staying relevant by crafting satirical ads based on current affairs and trends. While the legal field may not be as dynamic as fast-food marketing, there's still an opportunity to connect with your audience by addressing relevant legal topics and trends. Keeping your content up-to-date and aligned with current events can help you engage with your target audience more effectively.

Determine Your Brand

Consistency in branding is crucial. Just as Nando's has its trademark font and logo, legal marketers should establish a recognizable style for their content. Whether it's a unique visual identity, tone of voice, or messaging style, having a consistent brand image helps in building recognition and trust among your audience.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Engagement is key in today's digital landscape. Nando's engages with its followers on social media, and legal marketers can take a page from their book. Engaging with your audience on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter allows you to build a more personal relationship with potential clients. Responding to comments, sharing valuable insights, and participating in relevant conversations can help grow your online presence and foster connections. 

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