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Huel is a UK-based pioneering nutrition brand offering vegan and eco-friendly nutrient-complete powdered foods, protein bars, and ready-to-drink meals. Their flagship product, Huel Powder, is a blend of protein, fibre, essential vitamins, and minerals, all packed into a convenient, shelf-stable powder. 

Huel's target audience is busy professionals seeking quick nutrition without sacrificing health. Huel isn't about replacing every meal; it's about tackling that "inconvenient meal of the day," be it breakfast or lunch. This resonates with their target audience: time-pressed individuals prioritising health and convenience. 

Huel embraced a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model and digital-first marketing approach from the start. This allowed them to build an authentic brand community around their innovative products. On social media, Huel cultivates the "Hueligans" - passionate customers who have integrated Huel into their wellness-focused lifestyles. The brand's marketing promotes an aspirational lifestyle beyond just the nutritional products. Huel's content covers fitness tips, sustainable living, productivity hacks and more - speaking to the values of their health-conscious audience. This lifestyle-based strategy helped turn an unfamiliar powdered food concept into a movement. 

By carving out a niche in the booming meal replacement market, this innovative company boasts phenomenal growth and a fiercely loyal customer base. But how did they achieve this success with a product some consider...unfamiliar? 

The Secret Sauce of Huel's Success 

Huel's growth isn't just a product of an emerging market. Their strategic approach played a pivotal role: 

1. Build a Community, Not Just a Customer Base

Huel's secret sauce goes beyond just selling powdered meals. They've cultivated a devoted community of fans – the "Hueligans" – who showcase their health and fitness journeys fueled by Huel on social media. This focus on community inspires customers to become brand advocates. Huel took it a step further by strategically involving one of their key stakeholders and a "Hueligan" himself: Steve Bartlett. A powerhouse in the influencer world, Bartlett brings the clout of being an entrepreneur, investor, social media expert, and host of a top podcast.  As a longtime, vocal Huel user who invested in the company, his endorsement packs a punch.  Bartlett, who also founded Gymshark (a fitness apparel brand), has a massive online following of fitness enthusiasts, perfectly aligning with Huel's target market.  By leveraging his influence, Bartlett has significantly boosted the brand's reach and growth.

Lesson for Law Firms: Huel offers valuable insights for law firms seeking to expand their reach and build brand loyalty:

  • Empower brand advocacy:  Turn satisfied clients into brand advocates. Encourage them to share their positive experiences with your firm by offering referral incentives or simply fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Identify & Collaborate with strategic influencers:  Look for legal professionals or industry figures with strong social media followings who resonate with your ideal client. These could be established attorneys, legal bloggers, or even thought leaders in related fields. Partner with these influencers to create informative content, co-host webinars, or sponsor their events. This will expose your firm to a wider audience and establish you as a trusted authority in your practice area.

By focusing on community building and leveraging the power of influencers, law firms can build a loyal following that will champion their brand and drive sustainable growth.

2. Transparency builds trust

Huel embraces total transparency about their products' ingredients and nutrition facts. Their website openly addresses the "unfamiliar" factor, highlighting ingredients and nutritional value. This transparency fosters trust, crucial for a new product category. They proactively address common concerns like taste and health impacts head-on through messaging and educational content.

Lesson for Law Firms: Legal marketing should inform, not just promote. Provide clear, honest information that overcomes scepticism about your services up-front. Don't shy away from addressing potential client concerns. Be upfront about costs, processes, and limitations.

3. Customer Success is Your Succes

Huel positions itself as a partner in helping customers achieve health and lifestyle ambitions. They offer a wealth of content, from product quizzes to healthy recipes and tools like nutrition calculators and meal plans to help clients integrate Huel into their lives and achieve their goals.

Lesson for Law Firms: Don't just solve legal issues—support clients' overarching personal and business goals. Here’s how a law firm partner can help clients achieve their personal ambitions:

  • Guidebooks and Educational Resources: Provide comprehensive guidebooks that cover various legal aspects relevant to clients' business and personal lives. For instance, a guide on estate planning can help clients understand the importance of safeguarding their family's future, while a business law handbook can offer insights into scaling their enterprises legally and efficiently.
  • Webinars and Workshops: Host webinars and workshops on topics that intersect with legal advice and personal ambitions. For example, a session on "Legal Strategies for Growing Your Business" can offer invaluable insights to entrepreneurs. Similarly, a workshop on "Balancing Legal Risks and Personal Wealth Management" can guide clients on how to protect and grow their assets.
  • Personalised Legal Planning Tools: Develop tools that help clients plan and visualize their personal and business goals from a legal perspective. Tools like retirement planning calculators, business risk assessment tools, or estate planning checklists can provide clients with actionable steps to achieve their ambitions. 
  • Regular Check-Ins and Progress Reviews: Establish a routine for regular check-ins with clients to review their progress and update their legal strategies. This proactive approach ensures that the legal advice provided evolves with the client's changing circumstances and ambitions. 
  • Holistic Advisory Services: Offer holistic advisory services that go beyond traditional legal advice. This might include connecting clients with financial advisors, business consultants, or wellness experts who can contribute to their overall success. By taking a holistic approach, you demonstrate a commitment to their broader goals. 
  • Customised Action Plans: Create customised action plans that align legal strategies with clients' personal and business objectives. For instance, for a client aiming to expand their business internationally, provide a detailed plan covering legal considerations such as compliance with international laws, intellectual property protection, and contractual arrangements. 
  • Success Stories and Case Studies: Share success stories and case studies of how your firm has helped other clients achieve their goals. This not only builds trust but also provides clients with real-world examples of the value your firm can bring to their personal and business journeys. By offering these tailored resources and services, law firms can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients, positioning themselves as indispensable partners in their clients' overall success. This approach not only addresses immediate legal needs but also supports clients in achieving their long-term personal and professional ambitions. 

Through community-building, radical transparency, and tangible support for customers' lifestyles, Huel turned an unfamiliar product into a $1.25 billion brand in under a decade. Law firms can adapt these strategies to evolve beyond just legal service providers into indispensable partners for clients' overall success.

Ready to Transform Your Legal Practice with LGC Africa? At LGC Africa, we draw inspiration from Huel's growth strategy to help law firms achieve success. We assist you in cultivating a strong client base through engaging content and transparent communication, similar to Huel's approach. Our services include: 

  • Digital Marketing: Enhance your firm’s visibility through effective online strategies.
  • Transparency: Build trust with clear, honest communication about services and costs.
  • Innovative Tools: Provide clients with resources like guidebooks and webinars to support their goals.
  • Showcasing Success: Highlight your firm's impact through compelling success stories.

Contact LGC Africa today to develop a winning business development strategy that ensures sustainable growth and positions your firm as an indispensable partner in your client's success.

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